An Epic 2-Day Business Workshop for Speakers Ready to Transform Lives, Enjoy Greater Prosperity, and Realize their Inspiring Vision  

 JUNE 2 - 3, 2018 | Denver, Colorado  

About this Event

Do you feel called to speak on stages in a way that is 100% AUTHENTICALLY YOU, creates massive transformational impact, and generates tens of thousands of dollars every time you speak?  

Public speaking is the fastest, easiest, most fun and by far lowest-cost way to drive clients into your business. Bold New World is for speaker-entrepreneurs ready to inspire audiences, change lives, and enjoy lucrative success!  

The speaking industry is evolving. The model of hard-close sales tactics, incongruent messaging, and borderline manipulation is finally on its way out. And if you are genuinely committed to being authentic, owning your power, and providing incredible service to your clients, it’s your time to thrive!  

But you may be wondering, “How does it all work? What topic do I speak on? How do I get speaking gigs? Where are these people who are going to pay me? Am I good enough? Do I really have what it takes?”  

These questions can feel overwhelming and cast major self-doubt and fear. It can lead to you staying stuck and denying the world your gifts and true calling. Eventually, time will march on and your income won’t change. And you’ll wonder, “What am I doing wrong?”  

The truth is, you're much closer than you probably realize

First, there are proven blueprints for having a highly successful speaking-based business that are just waiting to be discovered by you.  

Second, if you feel a calling to be on-stage, then you can absolutely make it happen. Which means you can absolutely be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars through speaking and transforming lives every time you’re on-stage.

And third, your time is now. The world needs you to be on-stage, shining your brilliance and serving others at a high level.  

I’ve dedicated myself to empowering service-based professionals to use public speaking to provide the education and create the credibility & Know-Like-Trust factor that leads to generating thousands, even tens or hundreds of thousands, of dollars every time you speak.  

If that’s a ride you want to take, then join us!  

At Bold New World You Will...

  • Transform your on-stage speaking into an experience your audience will never forget
  • Discover how to craft and deliver your unique personal story that captivates audiences
  • Innovate how you present content so that audiences are powerfully magnetized towards you
  • Learn how to make offers from stage rooted in your authenticity & integrity while converting more clients than ever
  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs around money & sales 
  • Learn the latest trends on hosting live events – especially intimate events – that produce big money return
  • Discover how to book many more speaking engagements in your niche
  • Create your vision for how you can lead your industry from “business as usual” to a paradigm of where everyone wins
  • Develop a lasting awareness of your true value and how willing people are to pay you for it
  • Netplay (instead of net “work”) with established and rising speakers ready to make their big mark in the speaking industry
  • Craft your speaking-based revenue model built on your original vision
  • Make effortless new business connections 
  • Inspire others to join your movement-driven business
  • Enjoy deep conversations with people who truly get you 


These speakers have all shaken up the paradigm for their industry. You’ll learn the best practices of amazing speakers who are creating movements in their industry.  

Jon Block

Founder of Speaker Venture and Creator of Bold New World 

How to Master your Stage Presentations and the Speaking Business  

Wei Houng

6 Figure Academy

Breakthrough Money Anxiety Forever

Event Schedule

Registration begins at 8:30 am on both days. Event hours: Day 1, 9 am to 9 pm / Day 2, 9 am to 5:30 pm  

Day 1: The CRAFT of Speaking: How to Speak from Stage like a Master Discover the highly effective structure for a signature presentation, including your personal story, content, and offer. There will be on-stage coaching and practice/feedback groups throughout the day.  

Day 2: The BUSINESS of Speaking: How to Build & Scale your Speaking-Based Business Learn how exactly the top earners in the speaking industry have built & scaled their businesses. You’ll learn about Hosting your Own Events, from local meetup groups to international conferences & retreats. You’ll also learn about Booking Speaking Gigs, and how to get on the stages that will take your business to new extraordinary heights.  

Who Should Attend?

  • Speakers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Service-Based Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Visionaries
  • Pioneers, Renegades, Rule Breakers
  • Anyone ready to get a lot of new clients into their business
  • Anyone who brings a high-touch, integrity-driven approach to serving clients  

Who Should NOT Attend?

  • Anyone wanting to keep doing “business as usual” in the seminar industry
  • Anyone just looking for the latest sales closing technique 
  • Anyone strictly interested in keynote speaking, as opposed to using speaking to create client relationships
  • Anyone who’d rather talk first, instead of listen first
  • Anyone just looking for the latest automation strategy  


To maximize the customized attention on you and to create a rich intimate environment full of authentic connections, we are limiting attendance to approximately 75 people. 

Advance registration is just $97 and includes access to all sessions. Registration at the door is $147. 

What People Are Saying

“These events have so much heart, authenticity, and incredible value. I’ve referred many people to them and will continue to do so. Especially since I tripled my income after attending just one of them!” 

 – Amanda Fewell, Founder of Conscious Business Connection

“Jon Block brings a whole new level of much-needed authenticity, integrity, and expertise to the speaking industry. His events are value-packed and, just like Jon, filled with wisdom and heart."”

 – Steve Olsher, Founder of The Reinvention Workshop 

“Before attending one of these events, I was trying to sell energy healing at $95 per session. After attending the event, I hosted my very first speaking engagement and sold 5 packages at $7000 apiece! I couldn’t believe I made $35,000 in revenue. Thank you Jon!”  

 – Audrey Pyon, Women’s Empowerment 

“Prior to working with Jon Block, I was unsure how to use speaking as my platform for my coaching business. Since then, I went from earning $2200 per month to $8000!”  

Luci McMonagle, Abundance Expert

“Working with Jon, I finally broke through earning $10,000 per month! Now I fly around the world to speak and appear on television to spread my impact.”  

– Triambika Vive, Relationship Expert

“Coming right of Jon's event, I spoke to a group of 8 people. Using Jon's signature talk system, 8 out of 8 signed for appointments with me with right on the spot”  

- Rafael Lopez

“Jon’s trainings are so rich and invaluable! His guidance is so thoughtful and personalized. Jon empowered me to host my first multi-day event, where I earned over $36,000 in sales!”  

- Helen Chang, Write, Publish & Profit from your Books  

100% Satisfaction Gurantee

We are certain that you will LOVE coming to Bold New World. If by the end of the event, you do not feel like this was a great investment of your time & energy, let us know and we will refund your registration double what you paid. We can stand by this because we’ve never had a request made yet.  



It’s important to us that you feel comfortable about moving forward and joining us. Below are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

  • How will attending this event help my business? You will learn the exact breakdown of how to use public speaking to grow your business, while aligning with your higher vision and calling, and making genuine connections with an all-star gathering of presenters and attendees.  
  • What makes Jon Block such an expert? Since 2011, Jon has mentored over 1500 entrepreneurs to use public speaking to grow their businesses. He’s spoken on 500+ stages himself across the country, and has created a multiple 6-figure business with public speaking exclusively at the forefront. He attributes a high-touch approach, relentless learning from his clients, genuine caring, and a commitment to authentic connection as reasons for the success.
  • If this event is so valuable, why is it only $97? The speaker-entrepreneurs who attend our events can be in a large variety of places in their business. While some are very established, others are starting out plus need to factor in flights & hotel costs to attend. That's why we do this once-per-year event for just $97 ($147 at the door) to help eliminate any barriers to attending.  
  • Is this one of those “pitch fest” events? Definitely not. Providing incredible value to you is always our main intention. Making sure you leave feeling this was the best thing you could have done for your speaking career is our priority. Since many people do feel called to work with us in an ongoing way after the event, there will be an invitation to do so. If you decide to, great! If not, that’s great too. You’ll get extraordinary value at BNW either way.  
  • What if I can’t attend the event in-person? Will there be a livestream or recording? We will not be doing a livestream or recording of the event. We find there simply is no replacement for growing together with an energetic and focused group of speaker-entrepreneurs.  
  • What if I register and have to cancel? If unexpected circumstances come up that make it impossible for you to join us, then you can let us know prior to August 19th, and we will credit your total investment towards either one of our live events or towards one of our wonderful upper-level programs. Another option is that you can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and they can attend in your place. No refunds will be issued.  

Contact Us!

If you have any questions, please email We'll get back to you right away.

If you absolutely cannot attend Bold New World 2017, we'll miss you! However, you don't have to wait until 2018 to massively grow your speaking-based business. If you would like to have a complimentary conversation with us to see how we can serve you with spreading your impact, please email and note "Conversation" in the subject. We're here to serve you any way we can! 


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